Manufactureres and suppliers of concrete garden furniture, pots, fountains, stepping stones, etc.
Cape Art
**Concrete Garden Products
Heidelberg, Western Cape, South Africa
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Manufacturers and suppliers of concrete garden products.

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Plants "Courtesy of Heidelberg Nursery"

Niek de Wet's Cape Art in Heidelberg, Western Cape, is well known in the Southern Cape for quality concrete garden products in various finishes including painted, pigmented and rough finishes.
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Garden Furniture
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Stepping Stones
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Fountains/Bird Baths
Rock Art Pots
Pillars & Panels
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Our Garden Product Range
The range of concrete garden products include garden furniture, planters, stepping stones, fountains, bird baths, rock art pots, pillars, panels, balls, ornaments and other products. The various products are available in a plain cement colour, painted or impregnated with a pigment. Some of our products are also available with a rough (stone) finish.

All prices quoted on this web site will be confirmed on ordering. Prices do change and we cannot guarantee that the prices shown here will always be the most recent. Further, all prices are for products collected on site in Heidelberg.

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